European funds information


The company Biominds Healthcare Limited Liability Company implements a Project co-financed from European Funds entitled “BIOMINDS XR”.

The project concerns research on the possibility of using virtual technology and augmented reality to effectively train complex everyday activities in a training apartment for people after a stroke. The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of a virtual training apartment and to conduct a study to check the effectiveness of the proposed solution, and then to prepare for its certification and commercialization. The company proposes an innovative holistic strategy based on the use of virtual and augmented reality for the rehabilitation of complex activities of everyday life. The current ADL (Activities of Daily Living) therapy strategy is based on the therapy of simple, single-element activities. It consists in arranging in a therapeutic room (e.g. a gymnasium, an occupational therapist’s studio, a hand therapy studio) selective activities performed as part of everyday life (e.g. unscrewing bottles, pouring liquids, screwing screws, brushing hair). Such a comprehensive rehabilitation strategy will allow the patient to improve better and faster. The goal of the Originator is to create a prototype of a virtual training apartment, which will allow for the simulation of not only various activities of everyday life performed within the apartment, but also enables the therapy of complex activities in the context of everyday social functioning (talking on the phone, operating an ATM). The use of the developed product at the stage of rehabilitation of an adult after a stroke (already at an early stage of recovery) may allow for increasing the patient’s independence in everyday life and accelerating the effects of rehabilitation, which will translate into an increase in the quality and comfort of the patient’s life. Thanks to increasing the patient’s independence, it will be possible, at least partially, to return to the social roles performed before falling ill. In addition, the development of such a therapeutic tool will allow to reduce costs on the side of the health care system and increase the availability of specialized rehabilitation to people who, for various reasons, have limited possibilities. The assumption of the project is to check the possibility of using virtual technology and augmented reality for effective training of everyday activities in the conditions of a training apartment for people after a stroke. For this purpose, the originator planned to conduct research aimed at confirming the design assumptions. The results of the conducted research will enable the expansion of knowledge in the field of the possibilities of using virtual and augmented reality in neurological rehabilitation and the assessment of the effectiveness of the designed tool in comparison to traditional forms of therapy. The developed Prototype will be formally prepared for registration as a medical device.

  • Project value: PLN 1,100,000
  • Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 880,000

Implementation and development of a remote system BioMinds Healthcare XR, supporting rehabilitation and communication of people after stroke and brain injuries – using augmented reality, artificial intelligence and biological feedback.

  • Total cost of the project [PLN] – 1 198 024.00
  • Co-financing amount [PLN] – 850,425.00

This project concerns the development and introduction to the market of a new, innovative on a European scale product BioMinds Healthcare XR. The product is intended to support communication and rehabilitation, among others people after strokes and brain injuries with the use of augmented reality glasses (VR / AR / XR) and smartphones, EEG devices, eye movement recognition and a dedicated, proprietary method of rehabilitation. The functionality of the system is aimed at enabling people in the Minimum State of Consciousness (people awake from coma), closure syndrome, quadriplegia or Cerebral Palsy to communicate with the environment. The BioMinds system will include a platform for specialists that will enable continuous online monitoring of the quality and effects of the rehabilitation tasks performed (without the need for direct physical participation in these activities by the therapist). Exercises will be able to take place with the same intensity and under full control of the system in any place chosen by the patient and the doctor (also at home). The system will be prepared in a way that reflects 100% the detailed recommendation of a specialist regarding the model of conduct and the intensity of the recommended exercises and tasks for the patient. In addition, the operation of the system operating in the cloud and locally will be enhanced with an artificial intelligence module, which will enable the specialist to receive reports with the results of therapeutic sessions faster and the patient to have an individualized process of rehabilitation and communication. The entire undertaking was designed by a team of people experienced in the implementation of IT projects, based on Mixed Reality / Mobile / AI technologies and supported by the knowledge of Polish scientists associated with the medical community. The project will be developed by BioMinds Healthcare for cooperation, with which leading Polish representatives of medical fields and related areas related to neurology will be invited.