Multi-module Mixed Reality system for rehabilitation

Full control

BioMinds XR is a unique form and system of remote rehabilitation for sick and healthy persons

Remote and Stationery

We have created a complex therapy system – motor therapy, cognitive therapy, psychological therapy and alternative communication.

Support Multiple Devices

Combination with existing rehabilitation devices and cooperation with brain work detection systems like EEG.

AI System

System that allows not only to better predict the development of the patient, but also supports rehabilitation

Faster Rehabilitation

Have a full control of the rehabilitation process at home and wherever you stay.

IT System

We efficiently operating in large hospitals.
Our system is meeting medical standards.

The only XR rehabilitation system
combining movement, cognitive
and psychological therapies.

Based on these many years of work and assumptions, as well as research
conducted by our specialists, we create a unique rehabilitation system
operating in augmented and virtual reality.

Our Patients


Six months ago we worked with Michał. Imagine, that you are just like Michał. You enjoyed your life. You have a lovely wife or husband. You have a sweet son. You have an excellent job. You have plans, maybe build a house? And imagine… That one day, this only one day, you decided… You will go to your apartment by the stairs, not by the elevator, like usually…. And it is the last thing, that you remember… You woke up in the hospital.

It’s a team of experienced and skilled people

BioMinds Healthcare aims to improve the quality of life of the patients and to increase the availability of effective comprehensive therapy. BioMinds helps speed up the recovery of adults with neurological conditions (strokes and brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, etc.). These are chronic, incurable diseases, requiring long-term motor and cognitive rehabilitation. We are also working on the system to provide access to the solution to us as specialists and members of our families for rehabilitation.

A company standing different from others

We are an innovative company offering unique, new-generation healthcare solutions which will change rehabilitation for people after stroke or brain damages. The current value of the global VR / AR / MR market is around USD 11 billion. It is expected that the VR market in the coming years will grow at around 13% per year, while AR / MR at a rate of over 20% per year. According to analysts of Goldman Sachs, by 2025 the market of medical VR and AR / MR solutions will be the second most important sector in the entire VR / AR / MR market after the gaming sector.