BioMinds History


BioMinds is a HealthTech startup that will develop a telemedicine platform based on augmented and virtual reality, supporting the therapy of people with neurological diseases.

The original idea was born between Mateusz Kierepka and Łukasz Makowski, who many years ago started their med-tech story with MedApp, developing a unique 3D medical data imaging service in Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses.

During one of the family meetings, Mateusz showed his HoloLens glasses to his nephew Bartek, who had cerebral palsy. Bartek’s positive reaction meant that the idea of ​​implementing XR technology for people like Bartek began to appear. While searching for people related to this field of knowledge, Łukasz met Ela Włodarska, who is a neuropsychologist with several years of experience in clinical work with neurologically ill people. During many years of work, she got to know and used many technological tools supporting her therapeutic work. This is how the talks about therapeutic realities, possibilities, needs, and personal stories began, where each of us, to a greater or lesser extent, experienced difficulties resulting from neurological diseases in our own environment.

We discussed a lot about the belief that even if we only help a specific group of people recover faster, because technology exists - it is worth getting involved, it is worth doing something for others, although indirectly also for ourselves, because who knows if we ourselves will not need such a therapeutic system? It was obvious to us that in terms of supporting neurological therapy, the XR market is developing dynamically, which was confirmed by our analyzes, but the quality and functionalities offered by existing solutions are not as extensive as it should be. And so, the idea was born to combine knowledge, substantive, technological and business experience. This is how BioMinds Healthcare was born.