BioMinds Healthcare reports the expansion of the team related to the implementation of strategic assumptions regarding the target functionality of the platform.

The company invests in the development of both the substantive, technology, and business departments. This results in an increasing number of specialists involved in the implementation of the project.

From the very beginning, Dr. Aleksandra Bala has been with us – a neuropsychologist from the Warsaw clinic of neurosurgery at SPCSKWUM at ul. Banach, also associated with the University of Warsaw. For several months, we have been pleased to cooperate with Dr. Joanna Kuryłowicz and the psychotraumatologist Katarzyna Podelska. Recently, we have been joined by Katarzyna Zaraś – a neurologist with several years of clinical experience in working with neurological patients, and Jarosław Kołecki strongly supports us in terms of physiotherapy – explains Elżbieta Włodarska, vice president of the company. At present, the BioMinds substantive team consists of 10 people who can be proud of their knowledge, experience, and numerous therapeutic successes.

To meet the original plans and functional assumptions of the system, BioMinds Healthcare also invited Piotr Basista – a recognized and valued therapist in the field of urinary incontinence in women and men. His proprietary approach and knowledge supported by many years of practice will allow the system to be used to influence this neglected and often embarrassing area for patients.

We are glad that what we are working on is quickly gaining interest in the therapist community. It is extremely encouraging, adds Włodarska, that many wonderful clinicians want to join us. In cooperation with us, they see an opportunity to implement a new, more effective approach to the patient in their professional work. All this is possible thanks to modern solutions and VR. The work we put into this tool is an opportunity for all of us. We strongly believe in the long-term goal of these activities. We want people like us to have access to solutions that will shorten and facilitate the recovery process of millions of patients. The BioMinds system will also provide the possibility of specialized care also to people who so far – for several reasons – have not had a chance to do so. We already have a ready MVP, which was the goal that we set ourselves before obtaining the next round of financing (and this is already underway). We hope that we will soon be able to tell you something more about the source of capital we have chosen.

As the vice president of the company explains, the next step will be to test some of the modules in clinical conditions, which will allow to assess whether the effects of the system of working with patients. If they even come close to the expected, we know that it will be a great reason to be pleased.

“BioMinds Healthcare – a company that creates a therapy system for neurological patients with the use of VR glasses

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