BioMinds in the prestigious group of startups selected by HealthInc

Polish BioMinds Healthcare start-up creating a VR therapeutic system for neurological patients has been qualified to participate in the prestigious Dutch medical accelerator HealthInc.

It is an amazing success, especially since only 10 start-ups were selected from among 3,500 companies from around the world participating in the evaluation process, including one from Poland – BioMinds.
During the announcement of the results, Lee Greene (Managing Director at HealthInc) said:

these 10 companies were selected from a wide range of over 3,500 startups because they represent a real, innovative approach to healthcare and its prevention

“This success is first and foremost a recognition for our entire team, who sweat their professional life experiences in working with neurological patients and their knowledge on the functionality of our system so that it brings the greatest benefits in the process of VR therapy” – says Mateusz Kierepka, president of BioMinds Healthcare. Therefore, the appreciation of such a distinguished group of HealthInc experts is extremely motivating for the entire team. “The jury appreciated what is the basis of all our activities at BioMinds. It appreciated not only the business, technological and substantive side, but also the motivation. Our willingness to create the possibility of the patient’s return to society, to life, to everyday activities” – adds Ela Włodarska, vice president.

Since we have our BioMinds XR system in the form of MVP, we receive more and more signals from medical centers in Poland and Europe about the interest in our solution.
“Today, we believe that receiving the opportunity to participate in the accelerator will significantly bring us closer to the commercial use of our Platform in the process of patient therapy. It is interesting that the medical world is very open to the possibilities of our solution. We can see it especially in inquiries from Poland and abroad regarding cooperation in the ongoing tests of our system” – says Elżbieta Włodarska.

This year, as in the previous year, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the HealthInc event was carried out on-line. It was an additional difficulty to convince the demanding jury. What was the key to success?

According to Łukasz Makowski, co-founder of BioMinds – “Substantive preparation of BioMinds Healthcare, the real impact of the application of the platform on the speed of recovery of neurological patients, and a precise vision of commercializing the solution in relation to pandemic and post-pandemic conditions in the world – these are the elements that convinced HealthInc about qualifying BioMinds is one of the selected companies that will benefit from an extensive acceleration program.”

The HealthInc accelerator has spread its acceleration wings over many of the current leaders among technological solutions on the medical market. The products of these companies are used today to treat patients with various diseases on a global scale. Most companies, after undergoing an acceleration program, are able to obtain investment rounds from leading investors. “This is due to the high-quality support from HealthInc, a tangible help in market validation of solutions. This is often an important milestone in the development of medical startups. The rich subject environment surrounding HealthInc is like a litmus test for market opportunities. It allows direct cooperation with market leaders at an early stage of development” – emphasizes Mateusz Kierepka.

The Market Research Future (MRFR) predicts significant benefits for AR & VR in the 2020 healthcare market as it is expected to achieve a solid CAGR of 30.2% between 2018 and 2023 (evaluation period).

About BioMinds Healthcare Ltd.:

We are an innovative company offering unique next-generation medical solutions that will change the way people are rehabilitate after a stroke or brain injury.
The current value of the global VR/AR/MR market is about $11 billion. The VR market is expected to grow at a rate of about 13% per year in the coming years, and AR/MR at a rate of more than 20% per year. According to Goldman Sachs analysts, by 2025 the medical solutions market will be the second most important sector in the entire VR/AR/MR market after the gaming sector.

BioMinds Healthcare in HealthInc

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