Our patient Michal


Six months ago, we worked with Michał. Imagine, that you are just like Michał.
You enjoyed your life. You have a lovely wife or husband. You have a sweet son. You have an excellent job. You have plans, build a house?
And imagine… That one day, this only one day, you decided… You will go to your apartment by the stairs, not by the elevator, like usually….
And it is the last thing, that you remember…
You woke up in the hospital.
You don’t know what was happened, you can’t walk, you can’t speak. You are alone in a strange place.
And it was what happened with Michał. One day, in one minute he becomes one of the 117 million neurological patients in the world. He needed rehabilitation. He needed movement therapy to walk again, neuropsychological therapy to speak again, psychological therapy because he had depression.
And he couldn’t get it. Why? Because it was during the coronavirus lock-down. All rehabilitations centered became closed.

We are helping Michal to restore his live and health

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